Ardis Center of Performing Arts Seeks New Venue for Sunday’s Recital

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When the roof over the performance stage area at the Hopkins County Regional Civic Center was removed by Monday’s storm winds, Ardis Center of Performing Arts kindergarten class was in rehearsal on the stage. Ten kindergarten aged students along with instructors were preparing for their performance in Sunday’s dance recital—the theme of the recital is Weather Wonders. All the class performances are set to songs that center on rain, wind, cold, and other weather related themes.

Sharon Burney, Director of Ardis Center of Performing Arts, said this week was dedicated to a one class at time rehearsal. When the storm began its damage, she said the noise kept building giving an indication that this was no usual storm. She said as the roof began to be removed, instructors along with parents present got the girls off the stage and with the illumination of emergency lights that came on due to the electrical power going out; they took students to a closet at the back of the auditorium where they were safe. The storm passed quickly and all left civic center as soon as possible. Burney said the weather was far more intense than the practice. Everyone was ok and no panicked during the ordeal.

Now the recital is seeking a new venue. At this time, Commerce Middle School auditorium, which seats 650, is the front runner but Burney said she is looking for a space that will seat 1,000. She is basing her need on previous attendance for Ardis Center dance recitals. One hundred thirty-five dancers ranging in age from 2-year through high school will present a two-hour performance beginning at 3 p.m. Sunday. KSST will keep you posted on the location.

Author: Staff Reporter

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