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Aesthetic Services Offered by Dr. Lenington

LinningtonKSST’s Good Morning Show is featuring healthcare and wellness providers during May’s Healthcare Month. Dr. Robert Lenington, who spoke with Enola Gay on her show Thursday morning, revealed that he is now offering medical aesthetic services. Dr. Robert Lenington is with with Lone Star Surgery in Sulphur Springs. He also offices in Rockwall.

“The biggest obstacles to offering aesthetic services is finding the right people, and the cost of actually buying all the equipment,” Dr. Lenington said. “It can be pretty intensive sometimes.”

Aesthetic services, as explained by Lenington, is how people presents themselves and how they want to feel about themselves. Lenington and his office offer five to six services for patients.

“There’s lots of different companies that say they offer different services, and what I have learned is that you better know what you’re doing, and you better offer the services that you say you’re going to offer,” Lenington said. “There’s a lot of people who will go out and spend money on one machine, and the machine may be able to do some of the services, but it can’t do all of them. We’ve been educating ourselves for the past two years, and we’ve finally found the right person, invested in the right equipment-the most modern and the most up to date- to do all the services that we need to be able to do.”

Dr. Lenington and his office perform Laser Hair Reduction, Tattoo Removal, Photo-Facial Rejuvenation, Chemical Peels, Botox Injections, and other medical grade image-skincare products.

Author: Staff Reporter

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