7 on 7 Football

The Wildcats’ 7 on 7 football varsity lost two games to Paris Tuesday evening at home. Wildcats Offensive Coordinator Matt Young still found some bright points. He noted that a lot of kids participated including two 8 quarterback Tanner Ramirez made some throws he hadn’t seen him make before. Tyrese Peters drew praise for catching the ball.

Not too many coaches on defense have anything good to say about 7 on 7 football. It’s designed for throwing and catching on offense. Wildcats Defensive Coordinator Triston Abron admits 7 on 7 can help defenders get more confident in their skills and abilities as they are put to the test covering receivers thrown to by a quarterback with no pass rush. Coach Abron says 7 on 7 can cause defenders to develop some bad habits such as looking back at the quarterback during coverage.

Author: Staff Reporter

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