Warrior Run, Other Events at Cooper Lake State Park

What a difference a month can make. At the beginning of March Cooper Lake was still eleven and a half feet low. Now, at the beginning of April, we are only two and a half feet below our “pool level” of 440. At the beginning of March only canoes, kayaks, and flat bottom boats were getting in the lake. Now we are able to accommodate all size boats at any ramp on the lake. The swim beach in the South Sulphur Unit was nothing but a puddle of mud and now it has plenty of water to swim in and the sandy beach is ready for sand castles and the sun bather.

Spring started on March the 20th. We have seen the wild cherry trees blossom and at present the redbud trees are in bloom. The wildflowers are beginning to make their appearance along with the leafing out of the trees, bushes and grasses of the area. It never ceases to amaze me to see the transformation of the flora and fauna in late winter and early spring. Part of this includes the arrival of migrating birds that pass through this area on their way north and others that return to call this area home for the summer. Butterflies are flying around as well as a number of other bugs and insects that we may not like so much. And, we need to take added vigilance for the snakes that are coming out of their winter hibernation. Seventy-six different species of snakes call Texas home. East Texas has the largest number of species at about twenty-seven. Of these only four species are venomous. They are the copperhead, coral, water moccasin, and the rattle snake.

Be sure to take time to get out to the park and visit with us. We have a variety of programs available that you can take advantage of. Come for the day or for the weekend. We have several special events this month that may be of interest to you. On April 11th, we will be the host site for the Tanner Higgins Warrior Run. For more information visit their website at http://www.tannerstonehiggins.com/ . That same afternoon will be the Camp Dutch Oven cooking program. At the end of the month, April 25th will be our annual Kid’s Fishing Derby.

Author: Staff Reporter

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