Today’s Deadline to Vote for Hannah Kirby – 11 AM

All Voting options begin at approximately 8:55pm Monday night.

It is more important than ever to vote RIGHT NOW and encourage anyone else you know to do the same.

The easiest and fastest way is to VOTE by calling 1-877-553-3701 and you can do so up to 10 times from each phone.  Encourage everyone you know to call this number up to 10 times from each of their phones as well.  You can continue to vote by this method until 11 am Tuesday morning.

You can also text from a SPRINT phone, the number “01” to 8642

You can also VOTE 10 TIMES on the website.

AND You can also use your smartphone app to VOTE and additional 10 times.

Of course you can download any Hannah song that you haven’t already downloaded on iTunes and that gives her votes as well.

Many have referred to this portion of the contest as a “popularity” contest and in some ways it is just that.  At this point, some of the contestants may stay or go even though they haven’t had their best performance or may not have continued to grow with their talents.  Hannah absolutely knocked it out of the park singing a Stevie Nicks’ song, “Edge of Seventeen”.  Her maturity and confidence singing such a tough song was not missed by the judges who ALL were blown away with her performance.

Author: Chad Young

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