Third Time Bodes Well for City Grant Effort


For the third time, the City of Sulphur Springs is seeking grant funds to build at connect between Coleman and Buford Parks. City Manager Marc Maxwell is seeking funding from TxDOT to build a concrete pathway to connect the two. A Friday noon special meeting of the city council is necessary and has been called to approve the grant application.

Previously, the city has sought a TxDOT grant and a grant from Texas Parks and Wildlife. Both efforts fell short. This effort has the advantage in that the grants currently offered are for trails. Maxwell said he likes the odds. The current grants offered are for between $400,000 and $500,000 with an 80/20 split–80% grant funds, 20% funded by the local entity.

Maxwell stated that the biggest segment of pathway would be behind the high school. The pathway would be some distance from the school allowing for school expansion as needed. He said the school system had agreed to the stretch of path when application had been made for prior grants. The pathway would come off Peavine Pinion Pond with a bridge over the creek and travel parallel with the railroad tracks to Gladys Alexander Dr. with a pedestrian crossing which would include a bicycle lane along with the walking path down to Main Street where flashing signal lights and a crosswalk would aid in crossing to Coleman Park.

Soon after building the pathway to connect the parks, Maxwell hopes for a sidewalk improvement project along Connally Street to connect Celebration Plaza and the downtown area to the parks.

Author: Staff Reporter

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