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Say It Isn’t So

The signature product of the Blue Bell Ice Cream Company, Homemade Vanilla, has been added to the recall list.   The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has added several new products to their recall list including Gold Rim Homemade Vanilla in 1/2 Gallon containers.  As retailers everywhere continue to pull Blue Bell products out of their freezers, the public continues to dig in their freezers trying to decipher the date codes on their products.  Since the shelf life of some Blue Bell products can be up to two years, everyone should be checking their freezer.  Most folks, are taking the CDC’s advice, “when in doubt, throw it out” and not even checking the date code.  Myself, I found a pint of Dutch Chocolate in our freezer, and even though it had a layer of protective ice inside, it went straight to the trash.  Granted, the only products recalled thus far include some items manufactured at Blue Bell’s Oklahoma facility, but why chance it?

The recall began when certain products caused a suspected outbreak of Listeriosis.  The list continues to grow and now includes pints, quarts, and half gallons, in specific flavors, that were not on the list just a few days ago.  Even the Texas Rangers have announced that Blue Bell ice cream will not be offered at their upcoming home opener game.  For a company that built it’s reputation on quality and boasts that “we eat what we can, and sell the rest”, time will tell how long it will take before the general public will flock back to their product.  Until then, we will continue to monitor the CDC’s list of products and keep you updated.  If you need a list of sizes and flavors recalled then Click Here for the CDC’s list.

Author: Chad Young

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