Miller Grove News – by Brandon Darrow

    Saturday while working in the cemetery I noticed two people there that I had never seen. I walked up to them and introduced myself and turns out they were from Ohio and related to the Anderson family of Miller Grove. We talked for a while and they have recently moved to McKinney. They have heard their relatives speak of Miller Grove and their family buried there and they wanted to see for themselves. Their names were Ben and Kristen (Anderson) Swisher. Ben was originally from Michigan. Kristen said that her parents grew up in Missouri. The young couple also said they were related to the Corbets, Lambs, and Cooks of our community. It was nice to meet them and give them a little bit of information on their family.

Sunday afternoon I visited with Faye Tipps and it seems like I got to see several Miller Grovians at the same time. When I arrived Hank and Evelyn Echiverio were there visiting and we all had good time talking. As I was leaving Trudy (Dickens) Mayers walked up. It was good to see her too. She told me that her grandson, Cole Burnett, and his wife are thinking about building a house. Right now they are living in Ruby Dickens’ old house and they have done a lot of work fixing it up.

While talking with Hank and Evelyn they clued me in on several things. Evelyn told me during their recent trip to New York they were snowed in for quite a while and she even ended up in the hospital there with pneumonia. She recently went with Darlene Flecker and Shirley Benson to see Disney on Ice’s Frozen with Ronald and Nikki (Benson) Flecker’s children. She said they all had a good time and that the “Golden Girls of the Grove” were out on the town that night.

Happy Birthday this week to Colten Baylus & Franklin Johnson on Mar. 29, Kendra Dannheim Fisher on Mar. 30, B.J. Wright on Mar. 31, Jean Benton & Shaye-Lynn Emerick on Apr. 2, and Canyon Smith on Apr. 4.

I hope everyone has a good Easter weekend! And, don’t forget the County Line School Historical Marker dedication on Sunday, Apr. 12.
As you travel the highways and byways don’t forget that all roads lead back home and back to Miller Grove.

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