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     Sunday’s Historical Marker Dedication service for County Line School went well. There were about 65 people in attendance and 12 of those were students who attended school in the old frame school house. Previous students were: James Watts, Elwood Watts, Lewis Watts, Edward Watts, Bob Middleton, Charles Carter, Alvis Gilbert, Barbara Joe (Carter) Mitchell, Joy Nell (Bloodsworth) Evans, Bonnie (Carter) Fry, and Thelya (White) Bone. The ceremony began with Clinton Lennon welcoming the crowd that day as thunder clapped in the east. We thought surely it would rain us out but the weather held until after the ceremony. Brother Wayne Darty opened with the invocation and then youth from the County Line Church lead everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance to the state flag and our nation’s flag. Woody Garmon and Sara (Garmon) Price were on hand to since God Bless America and then Judge Wayne Wolfe (of Rains County) declared Apr. 12 County Line School day while reading the proclamation to the audience. Mr. Lewis Watts explained the beginnings of the project and how Howard Garrett inspired the first thought about applying for a historical marker and how Lanell (Barrett) Woods and Lavelle Middleton headed the project after Mr. Garrett’s passing. I read the essay that was sent to the state and then Alvis Gilbert shared some memories of when he attended school. Mary Burns acknowledged everyone involved in the project and Gail Garmon delivered closing remarks before Bro. Wayne Darty blessed the refreshments by saying the benediction. Then, everyone filed into the church’s Family Life Center for cake and punch and to view pictures that were on display. All-in-all, I would say it was a successful day and everyone enjoyed themselves.
Doris Mabe Mullen recently passed away at the age of 90. She was buried in Greenview Cemetery on Apr. 12. She graduated from MGHS in 1942. Many of you may remember her brothers, Jake Mabe (deceased), Dee Mabe (deceased), and Roger Mabe (of Sulphur Springs).
Charles Bennett recently updated me on some of the Volunteer Fire Department business. He said that he recently donated a 1999 Ford F350 4×4 truck to the dept for use as a squad truck. What that means is it will have lights and sirens and markings as well as medical equipment and extrication tools for auto accidents. It will also be used for administrative duties. It will not carry water as it is not designed for that but what it will do is relieve some of the duties of the other fire vehicles to not be responding to calls where the vehicles are not needed as well as save on fuel and repair cost. The dept is currently in the process of getting that vehicle in service. They will be getting rid of an old vehicle soon that is just not very practical for use any longer. The money from that will go towards other station business. That vehicle was not in the best of mechanical condition and by receiving the new truck from Charles’ donation they will not have any repair expenses and can use that money to better serve the community.
Charles also said that on May 9th 2015, at 5pm, the dept will be holding a community meeting to discuss very important details and business of the station under our new leadership of chief and assistant chief. The VFD is hoping to get as many people from the community as possible to attend so everyone can hear the information as well as ask any questions they may have. The volunteers want the community to know they are always welcome and the door is always open to them to see and ask what business is being conducted and not go by hearing rumors or false information. All of the crew wants the community to be aware of all business and know what the money the community donates is doing, what the plans are in the future, and exactly where the department stands. The county commissioner, judge, and fire chief will be on hand as well, hopefully. Charles said they will be serving a meal as well. They would definitely like any and all community members present that night.
Happy Birthday this week to Mary Kate Burns on Apr. 14, Hayley Wren on Apr. 15, and Stephanie (Horton) Bullard on Apr. 17.
As you travel the highways and byways don’t forget that all roads lead back home and back to Miller Grove. Please send me any newsworthy information. My email address is [email protected].

Author: Staff Reporter

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