“Updated” Man Arrested for On-line Solicitation A Lakes Regional MHMR Case Worker

He describes himself on Linkedin as a Lakes Regional MHMR case worker who works with a caseload of 50 young people who struggle with ADHD. He notes he has been employed at Lakes Regional (June 2011 to present). Educated with a Bachelors and Masters Degree from Liberty University, a Christian university founded in 1971 by Rev. Dr. Jerry Falwell whose son is now President of the University, Gary Curtis George of Greenville was arrested by Sulphur Springs and Hopkins County law enforcement for solicitation of a minor. George was arrested at Coleman Park when he thought he was meeting a 15-year old female instead of a 30-something officer. He had in his possession a vibrator which was intended as a gift to the minor. According to officers, he made a full confession of his online activity of solicitation.

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According to the Human Resources Director for Lakes Regional MHMR who returned KSST News’ call late Thursday afternoon  April 16, George is separated from employment with the agency. He had worked in the Greenville office based on a phone directory at the office. His office voice mail remained active at 1 p.m. Thursday. 

Prior to being a case worker for Lakes Regional MHMR, he was Principal at Mineral Heights Christian Academy in Greenville from December 2006 until November 2007. The Academy closed in 2012 according to their website. George earned his BS (2010) with a major in Psychology and finished with a 4.0, according to his Linkedin account. He also received his Masters in Clinical counseling in 2012

Prior to his work in education and mental health, George started his own business as a handyman and grew it into a construction company with several sub-contractors. He was credited on Linkedin by those who knew him for his work in group and family therapy.

Gary Curtis George has made $100,000 bail, and is no longer in Hopkins County Jail.

Author: Staff Reporter

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