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Hannah Nails It

Hannah Kirby was the third performer in last night’s episode of “The Voice”.  She sang a Carole King classic, “I Feel the Earth Move” and her performance was impeccable.  Even her ex-coach Pharrell Williams said it was “entertainment”.  Her own coach Blake Shelton said she was “possessed by the song”.  He also called her singing “perfect”.  The only way Hannah will advance is by the number of votes she receives from all of her fans.  The voting opens at the end of the show.  That is when everyone will need to vote by calling and texting.  You can also “vote” through iTunes.  Encourage everyone you know to call (877)553-3703 and you can do so up to 10 times per phone.  Also, if you are a Sprint customer, text the number “3” to 8642 (up to 10 times also).  Also, download the App for your smartphone or Vote Online at

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Author: Chad Young

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