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Hannah is our Hero

We don’t need another hero, because Hannah is it.!!  Not only did Hannah turn in another stellar performance, but she took her talent to the next level.  Just when you thought that she may have reached her peak, she takes it to even a higher level.  Even her coach Blake Shelton said that she “has become one of his all time favorites”.  That is a very high honor coming from the coach that has worked with so many talented singers on the show and coached many winners.  To say that she has “grown” as an artist through this process is a huge understatement.  She is literally catapulting herself to stardom, advancing her talents by several levels each week.  But it only continues with your help, and the help of your friends and family.  Remember to vote by calling the number at the end of the show AND anytime before 11am Tuesday morning.

Hannah’s number this week is:

Call 1-855-864-2301

Sprint Customers can also text “1” to 8642

AND use the official “Voice” app as well as vote online at

AND last but not least, download the song “We don’t need another hero” by Hannah Kirby on iTunes.

Author: Chad Young

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