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Hannah is Our Freak !!

Have you ever wondered, if Janet Jackson sang with Tears For Fears????  Well now is your chance.  I must admit I was a little worried about Hannah choosing a song that is so recognizable in the way that Tears For Fears performed it back in the 80’s!!!  But once again, Hannah blows us all away with making us forget how anyone else ever performed such a recognizable song.  She completely owned the entire performance, even with her Janet Jackson outfit.  Christina tells Hannah that she is growing up right before her eyes, and she is correct.  Hannah has an uncanny calm stage presence and hits every note as she walks through the crowd.  Her coach, Blake Shelton, even remarks that his eyes would “pop out of his head” if he tried to do what she does.  He refers to her as a “Freak of Nature” and she certainly is.  Once the show is over, go to iTunes and download Hannah’s version of “Shout”, I bet those English guys that were in Tears For Fears are going to be downloading it….  How did their version go again????


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Hannah Kirby Calls Jordan Owens

Author: Chad Young

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