Hannah Kirby Continues to Advance

In tonight’s dramatic “Results” episode, Hannah Kirby was not saved by our (and the rest of America’s votes) but was saved by her coach, Blake Shelton.  In a nerve-racking and very tense moment Hannah stood with Sarah Potenza and Brooke Adee, not knowing her future on “The Voice”.  It certainly was reminiscent of Hannah’s Battle Round with Sarah Potenza, when Hannah lost, but was stolen by Pharrell Williams.  But, proving that Hannah continues to grow and advance her talent, Blake Shelton chose to SAVE Hannah over Sarah and Brooke.  Over on Pharrell’s team, Caitlyn Caporale, who beat Hannah in her Knockout Round, was not chosen to advance.  Hannah Kirby has certainly shown growth and maturity in a few short weeks, by besting two competitors that had beaten her in the past.  Now, it comes down to US and the voting system.  I was shocked when Hannah wasn’t saved by America’s votes, I know I did my part!!  So, we should continue to spread the word to get our friends and family to vote next week, since this is the ONLY way she can now advance!!!

Author: Chad Young

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