Brashear News by Debbie Young

Brashear News

Well has anyone had a chance to total up all of the rain we have received in 2015?  I can in two words, A

Lot.  A friend mentioned that if it rains on the first of the month, it will more than likely rain 15 days out

of that month.  Well so far in 2015, it is right on.  We are having a hard time keeping our yard mowed

without leaving tracks.  Ugh!!

Our garden is doing well.  We are eating broccoli, kale, onions, and spinach.  Nothing like fresh

vegetables.  Tom did have an opportunity on Wednesday to run the tractor with the cultivator on the

back to stay a little ahead of the weeds.

Our pools are higher than they have ever been.  This is probably a good thing with our dry summers.

The long range forecast for our weather shows cooler than normal for May, June and July.  We shall see

on that one.

I have some great news.  The Brashear Store is going to open for business on Monday, April 27th.

Yahoo!!  Shelves are being stocked and the ladies are working hard to clean it up.  They asked me today

if I had any early pictures of the store.  They would like some to put up on the wall.  They are also

planning to make a Facebook Page for the store.  Let’s all remember to help support local business here

in Brashear.

As you all know, Tom and I have been involved with Divorce Care for 2.5 years.  We are struggling with

how we can reach those people who need help.  We have tried many different times for sessions but

cannot seem to pick one that works.  If you have any suggestions, need help, or just want to find out

more.  Call us at 903.612.8806 or email [email protected]. We are truly wanting for this

to be successful for we know this is such a great program.  Thanks.

Thank you to the newspaper and radio for publishing my little bit of Brashear News.  Please continue to

contact me if you have something you want to share.  Call me at 903.612.8806; email me at

[email protected]; or just drop by CR 1119 where all the barns are located.  We love to have


Author: Staff Reporter

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