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Why Wouldn’t You Help???

If you ever needed an example of “service above self”, the folks at Burgers & Fries would be it.  From what I understand, it is just about time, once again, for all of the staff ‘tips’ to be donated to charity.  Maybe you already know that they do this, or maybe you have just noticed the make-shift tip jar on the counter that always seems to be overstuffed with dollar bills.  Either way, you have a chance to make a difference for the ‘Meal-A-Day’ program by stuffing your change into the plastic jar at the cash register.  Burgers & Fries offers the best value in town for their namesake menu items.  When we stopped in there Friday at lunch, our 2 burgers, 2 drinks and our ‘shared’ fries was less than $13.  I have spent more than that at one of our fast-food places just for myself after being up-sized, upgraded, and paid extra for all of the add-ones.  So why not support our locally owned Burger place and tell them to “Keep the Change!”, because they really don’t keep it…. they Pay it Forward.

Service above Self

Why wouldn’t you help???


Author: Chad Young

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