Tonight’s the Night ?????



Hannah Kirby

Hannah Kirby

If you caught a glimpse of Hannah Kirby at the end of last night’s airing of “The Voice”, you were not alone.  We are thinking she will be on Tonight’s show even though tonight’s show is supposed to be a recap show.  Kirby Fever is high as everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting to see her highly anticipated audition in front of the four judges.  Everyone is hoping she gets at least ONE judge to turn their chair around when she performs, although each judges’ team is getting pretty full.   Did Adam Levine say that “he loved her”?????  Tune in tonight !!!

Update: A recent post on Hannah Kirby’s Facebook page confirms that tonight’s show is a RECAP show and the last night of the Blind Auditions will be Monday night’s show!! 

Author: Chad Young

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