Property Tax Option Bill Before Senate

Senate Bill 1158, filled last week by State Senator Bob Hall, calls for allowing citizens of Hopkins County to vote on a proposition that would allow the lowering for property taxes and introducing a sales tax to pay for the construction of the new county jail. Hopkins County Judge Robert Newsom said the bill would also call for the add on sales tax to end when the jail is paid off. According to Newsom, Representative Dan Flynn has promised to support the bill in the Texas House when the state senate passes the bill forward. Newsom said that if the economy continues, the sales tax could pay off the jail earlier than it would be paid for by property taxes. With property taxes, the jail would be paid off in 20 years but with the additional sales tax and the reduction in property taxes it would take only 10 years. The county judge called this an unusual idea but a great benefit for Hopkins County property owners. The bill is currently before the state senate finance committee. Newsom asks Hopkins County citizens to contact Senator Hall’s office to give support to the bill.

Author: Staff Reporter

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