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How “The Voice” Works

If you are like me, and haven’t watched “The Voice” before, you could be a little confused on how it all works and what is the next step.  From Blind Auditions, to Battle Rounds and Knockout Rounds, then on to the “Live Performance” phase of the competition, it gets to be a little confusing on how a contestant is eliminated, and can be “saved” or “stolen”.  Right now, Sulphur Springs’ own Hannah Kirby made it past the Blind Auditions being chosen for Blake Shelton’s team, then the very next episode was not chosen as the winner of the Battle Round between herself and Sarah Potenza, but “stolen” by Pharrell Williams to the dismay of Adam Levine, who was also wanting to “Steal” her.  Even coach Christina Aguilera, was complimentary of her performance but ultimately did not try to steal her.  Each coach has two steals available in the Battle Round, and then each coach has another steal available for the “Knockout Rounds”.  The Battle Rounds continue Monday night as all of Sulphur Springs collectively hold their breath to see what is up next for Hannah Kirby.  Then it’s onto the Knockout Rounds!!

If you would like to know more about how the show is structured, click on this link which will take you to the official “The Voice” website page that shows the timeline.. Click Here for Voice Info

Author: Chad Young

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