Brashear News by Debbie Young

What a difference a week can make? No freezing weather this week. We have had the rain though. Our pools are up and the ditches are still running. We had a lot of water over the road on Monday evening.

Garden is showing signs of life. We can see some sprouts but hard to get out and check to see how it is doing. We did notice Wednesday afternoon that some varmint had been digging around our onions and potatoes. Tom thinks an armadillo has been digging these up looking for grub worms. Not sure but we might be one less armadillo real soon. Hope everyone’s garden is doing well. We heard that some people had rotten potatoes. Not sure if we do or not, going to check this weekend.

There are some new devotional books in the Brashear Free Library. I hope the new owner of the store does not mind us keeping the Library in front of the store.

Wow have you ever seen a house demolished in less than an hour. We left and came home and the Peek’s house was totally gone. Fast work.

I hope everyone has been watching The Voice. Our local talent, Hannah Kirby, has represented Sulphur Springs very well. It has been exciting. I read in the paper that there will be a watch party on the square on Monday evening and Tuesday evening. Hope a lot of people show up to make it fun.

The trees are budding out and all of the wildflowers are beautiful.

Congratulations to the Miller Grove Hornets. Both boys and girls represented their community very well.

Thank you to the newspaper and radio for publishing my little bit of Brashear News. Please continue to contact me if you have something you want to share. Call me at 903.612.8806; email me at [email protected]; or just drop by CR 1119 where all the barns are located. We love to have visitors.

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