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SSHS UIL Successful in Canton

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Sulphur Springs High School UIL had a successful meet at the Canton Invitational Meet on Saturday, February 14. SSHS won the first place sweepstakes trophy. Scores were provided by senior Samantha Helterbrand.

In Number Sense, Rodolfo Perez placed sixth in sophomore class, Austin Reyes placed fourth in junior class, Peyton placed first, Ariel Gonzalez placed second, Andrew Allen placed fourth, and Carter White placed sixth all in senior class.

In Mathematics, Rodolfo Perez placed fourth in sophomore class, and Ariel Gonzalez placed second and Peyton Howard placed sixth in senior class.

Overall, Ariel Gonzalez placed fourth in Mathematics among all school, and Peyton Howard placed fifth in Number Sense among all schools.

In Calculator, Rodolfo Perez placed second and David Gutierrez placed fourth both among sophomore class.

In Journalism, Patricia Parks placed second in Editorial Writing, and second in Headline Writing. Lilli Gallagos placed third in Feature Writing. Austin Bennett placed fifth in Headline Writing. Steven Payne placed first in News Writing, second in Feature, third in Editorial, and fourth in Headline.

In Social Studies, Ariel Gonzalez placed second, and Andrew Allen placed fourth.

In Current Events, Evan Ost placed fifth, and Billy Phillips placed sixth.

In Spelling and Vocabulary, Jenna Ash placed third, Carson McIllwain placed fifth, and Sierra Joiner placed sixth.

In Literary Criticism, McKenzie Hohenberger placed first, Patricia Parks placed second, Shania Harmon placed fourth, and MiKayla Jones placed sixth.

In Ready Writing, McKenzie Hohenberger placed first, Lydia Burleson placed second, Patricia Parks placed third, Steven Payne placed fourth, and Seth Harred placed sixth.

In Accounting, Austin Reyes placed second, and Hunter Blanchard placed sixth.

In Science, Lydia Burleson placed first in sophomore class and fifth in overall schools.

In Computer Science, M. Hunter Allen placed first, Sean Allemang placed second, Austin Reyes placed fourth, and Tim Charlton placed fifth.

In Computer Applications, MiKayla Jones placed second, and Raynie Hooten placed eighth.

The next meet will be on February 27-28, and it will be at the SSHS campus.


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Author: Staff Reporter

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