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Memorial Hospital Board Meeting 3/05/15

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Board of Directors Meeting
March 5, 2015
5:30 PM
Plaza Conference Room
Item/Issue Responsible Person Time Tab
1. Call to Order Board Chair I min.
2. Invocation
3. Public Forum

4. Finance
A) Review/Approve Capitals 1
1. Stretcher mattresses for ER i
2. Patient care bed mattresses for the facility Terri Bunch ii
3. Computers for the facility iii
Non Budgeted-None.

4. 30 computers & 10 laptops Mike Yost iv

Non Budgeted-None.

B) Summary of January 2015 Income Donna Geiken Wallace 2
And Expense

C) Review/Approve Line of Credit Donna Geiken Wallace 3

Consent Agenda
A) Minutes of January 19, 2015 Called Meeting and 4
January 26, 2015 Regular Session Meeting
Minutes of January 2015 MEC Meeting

B) CFO Report 5 1. Summary Financial Report
2. Transfer from hospital collections to a collection agency
3. Accounts for filing lien
4. Disclosure of Board members for vendor services
C) CNO Report 6
Employees for Medical Screening Exam

5. Service
A) CEO Report Michael McAndrew 7
B) CAO Report Mike Yost 8
ACM Clinic
Clinic & Provider Performance Report
C) Baylor Affiliation Report Tom Trenary, Baylor Representative
D) JOC Update Suzanne Bankston, PhD.
E) Review/Approve Affiliation Agreement Michael McAndrew
with UT Health Northeast for FP Residency

6. Quality
A) Medical Staff Update Scott McDearmont, MD, Chief of Staff
B) CMO Report Chris Gallagher, MD 9 HCAHPS
C) Review/Approve Disruptive Physician Policy Dawn Sheffield, Director of 10
7. People

8. Miscellaneous

The Board may, during the course of the meeting covered by this Notice, determine that a closed or executive session of the Board should be held or is required in relation to any agenda item included in this Notice. In that event, such closed or executive meeting or session, as authorized by the Texas Open Meetings Act, will be held by the Board at the date, hour, and place given in this Notice concerning any and all subjects for any and all purposes permitted by Section 551.071 -551.087 of the Texas Government Code and the Texas Open Meetings Act, including but not limited to, Section 551.071 for the purpose of a private consultation with the Board’s attorney on any or all subjects or matters authorized by law. An announcement will be made at the meeting regarding the basis for the executive session discussion. The Board may also publicly discuss any item listed on the agenda for executive session.

9. Executive Session

The Board of Directors of Hopkins County Hospital District will convene in Closed Session to review medical staff credentialing and quality assurance matters pursuant to Texas Health and Safety Code Sec. 161.032.

A) Review Executive Session Board Minutes for January 26, 2015 11
B) Review Executive Session MEC Minutes for January 2015 12
C) Review Credentialing Summary for January 2015 13
D) Review purchase of 109 Medical Circle
E) Review partnership progress

10. Return to Regular Session
A) Approve Executive Session Board Minutes for January 26, 2015
B) Approve Credentialing Summary for January 2015
C) Approve purchase of 109 Medical Circle

11. HCHD Financial Audit review BKD

12. Adjourn

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