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Brashear News by Debbie Young 01/02/2015

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Happy New Year!! I heard a great statement by Pastor Joel Tiemeyer the other day. He said it was better to make a Faith Statement. So let’s do it. Make your own Faith Statement for the 2015 and may your faith carry you through all the ups and downs of the New Year.

I would like to express my sympathies to the Childers/Bunch family. We lost a great woman this past week. Jo, as I knew her, was a very giving lady and did a lot for a lot of people. Pastor Burns asked during her service how many people had something made by Jo, a lot of hands went up. She sure could sew. Maybe Jo is in heaven, helping get the sewing crew in line. I hope so.

The New Year’s Blast for P31 Brashear has been awesome. We have had as many as 28 people and no less than 22 for three nights. We have had a lot of fun and a lot of pain. Didn’t know if I had it in me to do all of those laps last night, who knew. Come out and join us if not this week, join up for the month of January. Great way to begin the new year.

I enjoyed for the New Year food from Sharon’s Bar-B-Que and IdziBitzy’s Bakery. Man did we have some good eating. Thanks to both of you. Good luck for Year 2015 in your endeavors.

Enjoying watching Bowl Games. Wow!! Some close ones. Love Bowl season.

We would like to thank everyone who has been contributing to Brashear Free Library. We are still looking for the book someone requested. Remember the books are there for anyone and do not have to be returned.

I found out what was going on at CR 3389 so thank you to the Alexanders who filled me in. Guess everyone else will have to find out. Remember to call me at 903.612.8806; email me at [email protected]; or just drop by CR 1119 for a visit.

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