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Restaurant Review: Tierra Del Sol 12/04/2014

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Review of Tierra Del Sol, Sulphur Springs, TX

Ordered one of the daily specials, Tacos da Pedron

Oh yes! Tex-Mex.

I have dined here many times  since that pizza chain left in a huff. . .   I worked my way through the ‘traditional’ menu items, the enchiladas, the ‘changas, the burritos. . .  All good, don’t get me wrong.  What really shines here are the other offerings.  Do yourself a flavor here,  don’t just order the same old Sour Cream Chicken you always get.  Go crazy, I mean loco….  Order a flauta, or maybe something with ‘verde’ in the title.  Boom!

The tacos; beef was tender and well-seasoned.  Filled to the point I could have used another tortilla, but I managed.  Fresh chopped herbs, and tomatoes…  I really didn’t look inside…  I just went for it. And the beans and rice, so often a neglected side-note on the Tex-Mex plate, were good.  I cleaned them up.

Atmosphere:  simple and uncluttered.  It’s in a strip mall, so what can you do?  Open interior can be noisy at times, but we could hold a conversation with each other.

Sweet Tea Review: Good.  Nice sweetness level.

Plate Temperature Review: Hot!

Things I didn’t like: For whatever reason lunch took a long time to arrive.  I would expect that 2 orders of the daily ‘special’ and a cup of tortilla soup should be quick to prepare.

We will be back.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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