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Restaurant Review: Pioneer Cafe 12/01/2014

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Review of Pioneer Cafe, 307 Main St, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482
Date Visited: 12/1/14
Time: Lunch
Overall Assessment: Consistently Good.

Ordered: Reuben Sandwich and Fries, Sweet Tea.

First off, I am huge fan of the Reuben sandwich.   To the point that if a Reuben sandwich was presented with say…  Wheat Bread (Gasp!!!)  That would not be a Reuben sandwich.  That being said, the Pioneer Cafe version of the classic sandwich is true to form.  Clearly served right off the grille.  Pioneer Cafe achieves a good balance of dressing, cheese, kraut, meat and bread.  However….. any true Pioneer would have wanted some Creamy Horseradish on the side.   BOOM!

My fries were good, they never skimp on the salt.  The pickle spear only adds to the presentation.

The well established atmosphere, unchanged to my eye, continues to add to the dining experience.  I try to set in a different region of the room each visit so I can get a new view of the antiques and vintage photos.

Service: Always good.  Familiar faces.  Little to no Staff turnover.  I like that.

Sweet Tea Review: Excellent. Good tea flavor.  Sweetness present, but not overpowering.  Had a second glass.

What I didn’t like:  I’d like the option for potato salad instead of fries.  Or how about warm German Potato Salad… nice. Horseradish?

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Author: Staff Reporter

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