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Restaurant Review: Generosity Practiced at Burgers and Fries 12/05/2014

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Burgers and Fries, 208 College St, Sulphur Springs, TX

Visited During Supper

Ordered:  Burgers, and Fries.

As for as the classic hamburger and fries, you can not do better.  They do offer other menu items, but why bother.  This place specializes in burgers and fries.  They have it down to a science.

Burgers: that grill has seen a lot of patties.  Crispy outside, moist interior.

The fries were especially good on our last visit.  Real potatoes.  They must be cutting them on-site.

Always clean inside.  No frills interior. Grab a copy of the classifieds while you wait.

Sweet Tea Review:  Good tea flavor.  A little on the sweet side for me.  Not a problem though, just add a little unsweet.


Please remember that Burgers and Fries donates all tips to Meal-a-Day right here in Sulphur Springs. So tip generously!

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Author: Staff Reporter

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