Wildcats Lose to Lobo’s, So It’s Marshall Friday For All of the Marbles

The Longview Lobos turned out to be a scary site on Halloween night as they topped the Wildcats, 49-6 at Prim Stadium on Senior Night. The Lobos scored once in the first quarter, twice more in the second and third quarter and one more time in the fourth quarter. The Wildcats could manage only quarterback Larry Pryor’s 19th rushing TD for the season. The Wildcats are now 4-2 in district play and 5-4 for the season. They’ll play at Marshall next Friday.

Wildcats Football Coach Greg Owens said it was a tough night Friday at home against Longview as the talented Lobos showed why they are undefeated in district play. Concerning Marshall Friday, Coach Owens said if the Wildcats win, they are in the playoffs as the #1 small school. They will also finish as a top small school if they lose to Marshall by less than five points. If they lose by five to 12 points, they are still in as the #2 small school. A loss by more than 12 and the Wildcats are out.

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