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“Updated” B. J. Teer Wins JP Race in Precinct 1

Two Republicans captured offices in Hopkins County in Tuesday’s General Election. Jim Thompson unseated incumbent Democrat Treva Watson by 1,190 votes getting over 57% of the vote. Funeral home director B.J. Teer was elected J.P. in Precinct 1 over Democrat Demetra Robinson by 2,111 votes getting over 77% of the vote. Voters in Hopkins County favored Republicans in all races on the ballot. They also heavily supported Proposition 1.
While we do not have audited final numbers from the County Clerks office we can say that B.J.Teer has won the race for Jp precinct 1 against Demetra Robinson. We will post the final totals as early Wednesday morning as we can. Our race results are unofficial.

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