Steven Payne

Steven Payne is in his junior year at Sulphur Springs High School . A member of the SSHS UIL journalism team, he is KSST’s first intern. Steven’s primary assignment, at this time, is both writing and photography for  This is the first year for the KSST intern program. Reminiscent of the days of Radio Workshop, we approached SSHS in spring of this year with a proposal for the intern program . The program is designed to assist students in learning more about the world of mass media including radio, television, and other avenues in the communications field. Interns will serve part-time under the supervision of the department director to which they are assigned and will be reassigned in various areas of our organization as they desire to expand their interests. In the future, KSST hopes to expand the internship numbers to include students in videography, social media, on-air presence, and other interests. The internship is designed to develop students into journalists that will continue the news, weather, and sports tradition that is KSST.

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