Offensive and Defensive Highlights of Hallsville Game

After a 49-42 win against Hallsville on October 17, the SSHS Wildcats have a positive outlook for playoffs.

“This victory pretty much put us in the driver’s seat to control our own destiny,” defensive coach Abron said. “But when it’s all said and done, we still need to go and win these last three more ball games to put ourselves in a position to play the number two seed of our district. By no means is that going to be an easy task, but now we are in a position to control our own fate and not have to depend on someone else in order for us to be where we want to be. That’s really the only thing that helped us tonight, but we still need to do a good job these next three weeks.”

Wildcat defense against the Hallsville Bobcats had many highlights throughout the night. As well, they were able to adapt to the opponents offensive tactics.

“Tanner Ramirez had an interception, Christian Jackson had a huge hit on the quarterback, and Toby Winchester had an interception which he returned and scored a touchdown,” coach Abron said. “All in all, I felt like we did a good job of getting pressure on the quarterback towards the end of the game as they started taking advantage of us on that. They started setting in some screens, because we are so aggressive up front, so it was a good job by their coaches, making calls to use our strength against us. But our D line did an outstanding job playing and as a matter of fact Larry Pryor had a really good hit on the kickoff return. So we had some really good plays by several people that put us in a position to be successful.”

The Wildcat Offensive Line also saw a quite a few standouts that night. Much so that Offensive Coach Young feels he wouldn’t have done anything different for the game.

“Larry Pryor had a great night, that’s our quarterback, on the ground and in the air,” Coach Young said. “Really pleased with Jaylon Hawkins and Scott Galarza at running back, did a good job making plays. C.J Stevens had a huge catch in the third quarter that helped get us ahead in the game.”

Overall, SSHS Wildcat Football is feeling confident about the next district game, with high hopes for playoffs and a good end to the season.



Author: Staff Reporter

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