October Schedule of Events at Cooper Lake State Park/South Sulphur Unit

cabin_dusk_500x350As the cooler shorter days of fall begin their journey that will take us to the unknown of winter all of the animals and plants begin to take note and change as well. Plants like the smooth sumac have begun changing colors as the chlorophyll moves from the leaves back into the trunk and roots of the plant. We begin to see the arrival and departures of birds like the pelican and some songbirds as they migrate to warmer climates. Antlers of the white-tail buck will have finished growing and the velvet that covered them will be rubbed off. Fall and cooler temperatures have finally come.

In the midst of this great annual event Cooper Lake is still open for business and providing some great opportunities to learn something new about the outdoors.  It might be the Dutch Oven cooking program or the Geocache Treasure Hunt! We will be having two night programs in October. Both of them are appropriate for this Halloween season. October 18th will be the “Owl Prowl” program. Then on October 25th hike down the Coyote Run as we take a night hike to Explore the Dark Side. You can stay up with us on Face Book or call or e-mail us here at the Park. (903) 945-5256 or [email protected]  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you out at the park for your next great adventure!


Jim Beach
State Park Peace Officer/Interpretive Guide
Cooper Lake SP/South Sulphur Unit
Sulphur Springs, Tx
(903) 945-5256

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