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Miller Grove 10/28/14 by Brandon Darrow

Well this week I have several things to write about. The community has been busy with the carnival and other happenings at the school, the fire department adding new members, and the recent death of one of our community members.

So many people in the community were saddened this week to learn that Ramiro Jimenez lost his life after a tree fell on his body in Schooley Creek bottom, on the south side of FM 1567. From what I have been able to understand he was cutting trees and as one tree was falling it twisted and fell on the lower extremity of Mr. Jimenez’s body. He was such a nice man. I remember him from when I worked at school. He would always be in such a good mood and smiling any time he would come to pick his children up. His worked for Butch Hall for 10 years and was an excellent employee, very hard working. He passed on Oct. 22 and leaves behind his wife, Veronica Jimenez; four children, Jose, Elizabeth, Berenice, and Alex Jimenez; and many other family members. Interment will be in Miller Grove Cemetery.

From all accounts the school’s Fall Carnival seemed to be a success. I received several compliments on the chili I made and lots of people said Lewis Russell did a great job as usual on the chicken stew. I haven’t gotten a report from the school about how much money was made from each individual class but I do know that the PTO is still collecting money from people and has already deposited over $3,000. Several classes and the PTO (along with County Line Baptist Church and Miller Grove Methodist Church) will be donating money to the Jimenez family to help with funeral expenses.

I received word from Charles Bennett that Miller Grove Volunteer Fire Department has added four new members recently. Not only are there four new volunteers but all four have had previous experience of being firemen. Doug Lewis is from the Houston Fire Department; Justin Block from Mineola Fire Department; Jeremy Woods from River Parish, Louisiana; and finally, Jay Hoffman has been active with Campbell and Lone Oak Fire Departments. Charles said, “We are striving to provide the best care and service we can at MGFD and are positive that the knowledge these individuals bring with them, as well as the knowledge of our prior members, will be something that brings great honor and respect and reliability to the community we strive to serve, OUR OWN. These new members have already represented us well in just the few months they have been here on multiple calls which included structure fires, grass fires, motor vehicle accidents, and medical calls as well as funeral details. They have also been able to provide for some much needed knowledge in maintenance of the fire trucks. The station is receiving more attention as well and I hope it shows because we want the people of Miller Grove to be proud of us and to know how important it is to the members of the department to say “Thank You” to all the citizens for the support they provide. Also it goes without saying we can always use more members so if any one is interested they can contact me personally (24hrs a day) at [email protected] or 903-440-1872.” With busy personal schedules and other community events the VFD is always looking for new members so that someone can be on call at all times or at least be available if a fire were to break out in a home, pasture, or anywhere in the surrounding area. I am thankful to know that people are volunteering their time to help keep our community members safe.

We have some new neighbors in the community. I know several folks have already welcomed Royce and Trish Alexander to the community. They have bought Mr. and Mrs. Lacey’s home on FM 275 (many will remember it as Ed and Faye Gilley’s old home). I have heard that they have two children still at home and three that are gown. It is always nice to have new folks to welcome to our area.

Happy Birthday this week to Cayle Watson & Donnie Millsap on Oct. 26; Kevin Tipps & Marcy Hayden on Oct. 28; Billy Dunn, Terry (McGowan) Asbill & Will Sallee on Oct. 29; Ashley (Edwards) Sallee on Oct. 30; Scott Wren on Oct. 31; and Jeff Seiber on Nov. 1. Happy 3rd Anniversary to James and Ashley (Blackstead) Oler on 29.

As you travel the highways and byways don’t forget that all roads lead back home and back to Miller Grove. Please send me any newsworthy information. My email address is
[email protected].

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