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Brashear News by Debbie Young 10/07/14

Since I did not have any News last week, I am playing catch up. Elton Stewart called to say that they had a great showing for the Stewart Family Reunion. His cousin that was related to Earline came and she is 94 years old. It is always great to visit with family.

Well, I have something I want to share with everyone. During the month of September, I was a victim of a scam. Someone posing as a representative of Microsoft Windows, called to say that my computer was sending them error messages. Now realize, I am an ex computer teacher, and I so believed everything he was telling me. He did speak with an accent and it was hard to understand him all of the time. He told me how to see the errors and that he wanted to help me fix my computer. He proceeded to ask me to allow him access to my computer. This should have sent bells and whistles off in my brain but NO!!! Whoever they were worked on my computer for several hours, they even made my computer black so I could not see what they were doing. I got tired of waiting so I turned my computer off. This seemed to get some reaction from them. They called and asked what had happened. That went on for 2 days, then nothing from them. Then a week later, they called and said that their company was disbanding and changing direction. They wanted to refund my money directly into my checking account. Bells and Whistles are going off about now. I did give them limited access. They had also told me they could not credit it back to my credit card the $200. So I checked my bank account (on line) and see that they have deposited some small amounts and then $2000. I tell them that they gave me $2000. They started screaming that they would lose their job if they did not get the $1800 back. I had by then not turned my computer on and had notified my bank that my account needed to be frozen. I told them I would send them $1800 back by Wells Fargo. It was challenging because I do not run to town often. They kept calling so I screened my calls. I finally completed the transaction and thought I was through with them. But no, last week I got a call from the bank saying that Wells Fargo had called to say that I had some malware on my computer. (Virus type worm). I started to panic. We checked with the bank and there had not been any suspicious changes. I immediately went in and changed my accounts. Wells Fargo is dealing with the problem since there have been many people lately who have been fooled. Tom has read twice in the last 4 days of people who have been victimized by this scam (DMN newspaper). So I am trying to let everyone know, DO NOT LET ANYONE OVER THE PHONE HELP YOU WITH THIS. DO NOT LET ANYONE HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR ACCOUNTS ON LINE. I HAVE LEARNED MY LESSON. Thanks to my bank, Alliance Bank. I think I am through with this but I will have my computer checked out for all I did was delete the software they had installed.

I am writing this article this week while we are staying at Daingerfield State Park. It has been beautiful while we have been here. We have done a lot of walking, hiking, and reading. Just what the doctor ordered after dealing with those people from India.

My Aunt Mary and Uncle Glen are back from Oregon. We have missed them here in Brashear.

While we were in Daingerfield, there was another storm. We got home to find shingles all over the ground. Must have been a big one? There does seem to be a lot of storms lately. Is that going to be a pattern this year? I do not mind cold but not sure about storms that tend to be damaging.

Election time is fast approaching. I attended the Election Training on Tuesday and they are in need of election judges and workers. If you have the time and would like to help do your civic duty, please call Debbie Shirley and let her know. The training is available on the internet so you would not be going in cold. If you are 18 years older, you are eligible to work. I do not know why the government teachers do not have the 18 year-old students trained so they have an idea how the government and election process work (or in some cases might not work). Just Kidding.

Is anyone else having mice problems in their house? We have killed over 10 mice in a two-week period. Help!!!! Not fond of mice in the house. Any sure-fire remedies to rid a house of mice, please let me know.

Getting excited about fall festival, the Young Family is going to try their hand at Hopkins County Stew. If you are there, please find us and stop by to visit and try our stew.

Can anyone tell me when we change the time back to regular time, not daylight-savings time? So ready. Dark too early for me in the evenings.

Winding down and want to remind you to call me at 903.612.8806; email me at [email protected]; or drop by CR 1119 if you have any news or announcements you wish to share with everyone.

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