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SSHS Choir to Perform at FBC

The Sulphur Springs High School Choir will be performing a concert in First Baptist Church on Monday, October 6. The concert will begin at 7:30 and there will be no admission fee.

“The whole concert is centered around American folk music and folk hymns,” choir director Beth Crutcher said. “So they’ll be hearing things like Bird’s Courting Song, which is an Appalachian folk tune, and things like Poor Wayfaring Stranger, which is an old hymn. We even have a piece at the end where the whole choir sings A Hymn to America.”

The concert has been in production for quite some time. Both the director and the choir members worked in earnest to see to completion.

“I picked all the music last May,” Crutcher said. “It has been in the works, I’m really excited for this program.”

The choirs scheduled to sing in the concert are the Wildcat Singers, Bellavoce, which is the all-girls choir, and the Wildcat Corral.

“This year the kids are just great,” Crutcher said. “They have really great attitudes and they’re hard workers. I’m really excited to just stay in one place and really make a program my own and watch the kids grow in their musicianship.”

The doors for the concert will be open at 7:15. The SSHS Choir will also be performing another concert on December 8 at the same time and place.

Author: Staff Reporter

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