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Thank You EMS, Just a Day in the Life of our Team at Memorial Hospital.

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ems team pose_thumb_medium300_0Thank You to EMS Staff and Emergency Department Staff and other hospital staff who did their jobs and responded in a professional manner to the demands on Wednesday, August 13th.

Wednesday, August 13th EMS staff and Emergency Room staff had already had a very busy day with multiple 911 calls and patient transfers. They activated an additional ambulance crew to handle the increased workload. Around noon there was a roof collapse and the patient was flown from the Sulphur Springs Elementary School parking

Stats for Wednesday provided by EMS Director, Brent Smith are:

• 41 requests for service / 37 transports / 4 refusals
• 10 patients transferred out to Hospitals in Paris, Plano, Dallas and Tyler
• 1 out of town wait and return transfer to Tyler
• 1 patient flown (roof collapse)

When the call came in for the accident at the coal mine, two trucks automatically responded due to the nature of the call. They arrived within 9 minutes of the call and were the first emergency crews on the scene.


Triage was done with the victims and based on their severity or acuity they were loaded and transported to HCMH. The crew notified the Emergency Department staff so they could begin preparing for the patients.

Stuart Cody, RN, Trauma Coordinator, stated that when the call came from EMS regarding number of patients to be transported, there was a full patient load in the Emergency Department. Cody said the staff did an amazing job and he is really proud to be part of the team.

The team quickly made adjustments to prepare for the patients. They were thankful to the EMS crew for the 20-30 minute advance notice so they could call the oncoming night shift and ask those team members to report early for their shift.

They immediately set in motion a plan to use their triage system and to put the most critical patients in our trauma rooms.

Dr. Nguyen and Judson Welch, Physician Assistant were on duty and they did an excellent job of assessing each patient. Every nurse worked to handle the accident patients and to continue to provide care for patients already in the Emergency Department.

All patients were transferred or released to home within 3 hours from the time they arrived in the Emergency Department.

The receiving physician at Parkland called for some additional information and was very complimentary of the great job the team at HCMH had provided to these patients.

We would like to thank those involved for understanding that at times it was hard for visitors/families to be with their loved ones due to all the activity treating the patients. Thanks also to the other patients who were being treated in the Emergency Room during this crisis.

Just a day in the life of our team at Memorial Hospital.



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