J.D. Norris’s Work Benefits Cattle Raisers

For about three years now, Hopkins County Veterinarian J.D. Norris has worked to create an ozone device to benefit cattle raisers. He hopes to have a model available in several weeks. Norris is convinced ozone introduced into a drinking trough will improve a cow’s immune system so cattlemen will no longer need preventative antibiotics. Norris has benefited from research conducted at Sulphur Springs High School by students of Ag Teacher Amber Norris, his daughter-in-law. Ms. Norris says bacteria; fungus and viruses cannot exist in ozone. Ozone enhanced water has also been shown to eliminate ecoli. Veterinarian Norris believes he has overcome mechanical problems that have plagued him in the past. He says he is also close to determining the level of ozone needed to be beneficial to cattle.

By Don Julian: KSST News and Sports Director

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