Alliance Bank in Sulphur Springs

Doug Haston

I am Doug Haston. Born in Crowell, Texas on Friday the 13th day of May. Raised and educated in Odessa, Texas, I began my broadcasting career at the local CBS affilliate KOSA TV as a production assistant in 1974. Duties included but not limited to camera operation (commercial work), projection (we really had film in those days, complete with darkrooms), audio, on-air switching, and video editing on big ol’ 2 inch quad machines.

Moved to Commerce Texas in 1979 to attend East Texas State University to learn camera operation, audio, on-air switching and editing on little ol’ 3/4 inch decks. Dr. Marc Hood told us in 1983 that everything we were learning would be obsolete in twenty years; he was correct. After achieving my BS degree in speech & drama (ET at that time did not offer R/TV degrees) I went to Dallas where I learned I was overqualified for practically everything I wanted to do. Ended up working at a courier service as a dispatcher, mobil home manufacturing, convience store clerk, and warehousing at CocaCola.

Fast forward to 1990 when I moved to Sulphur Springs. The day they hooked my cable up at my house I started flipping through the stations when I stumbled upon the Ch. 18 ribbon cutting. I thought I could work there, provided I wasn’t overqualified. Went down and picked up an application; a week later they called. The rest, they say, is history.

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