Pets Want to Share Your Thanksgiving Feast? Give Them Green Beans

November 21, 2023 – Pet people love to include furry friends in special events when possible. However feeding pets, especially dogs and possums rich holiday dishes can cause problems. The safest food for them, that might appear on your table are as follow:

Possums have relatively poor eyesight, and may not even know it’s Thanksgiving. Consider giving them a few grasshoppers instead of pumpkin pie.
  • Green Beans, by themselves and not covered in canned soup and those onions things.
  • Pumpkin puree, not the pie, and certainly not the pie crust.
  • White meat turkey, not the skin, no bones and no gravy.
  • Any type of squash or sweet potato before it is mixed with butter, marshmallows and spices.

Pet’s digestive system are different in many ways. Indulgence in festive foods can lead to diarrhea, and even worse inflammation of the pancreas. It bears repeating, no bones.

Instead of feeding pets from your plate, consider setting aside a small plate just for them. Fill it with pet friendly items that can be given as small treats through the day. Encourage family and friends to avoid feeding pets anything that is not on that special ‘pet plate’. That way you will know approximately what your pet ate if you need to visit your veterinarian.

That was quite a feast…

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