What is Beep Baseball?

Beep baseball is the equivalent of America’s favorite pastime for the blind or visually impaired, but with a few differences:

  • There are only two bases; first and third. The bases, which emit a beeping sound, are about four feet tall. Players run toward the beeping base after the ball is hit.
  • The catcher and pitcher are in the batter’s team; they are both sighted.
  • There are six fielders in a team, and all of them are blind or visually impaired. Everyone wears sleep shades or blindfolds so as to not give any advantage to players with some remaining vision.
  • The defensive team is allowed two spotters, or sighted volunteers who call out the zone numbers and assist the team.
  • Each game has six innings and four strikes. Games typically last 90 minutes.

Texas teams are located in Austin, Houston, College Station, Ft. Worth, Abilene, and Tyler.

The 2023 Beep Baseball World Series was played in Oklahoma this year. This year’s winner was the Indy Edge.

Find out more about the Tyler Tigers Beep Baseball Team here.

Beep Baseball Player
Beep Baseball Player
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