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How to Operate the Edlund 266 Single-Speed Tabletop Electric Can Opener

A huge time saver in any commercial kitchen, the Edlund Single-Speed opener can take some getting used to. Some of our volunteers refused to even try to use it on small cans. We were on the verge of purchasing a consumer grade opener, and adding yet another uni-tasker to our bulging pantry.

The Edlund openers have replaceable parts, and they can be adjusted. We serviced our single speed opener and it’s is working much better now. We are hoping to reintroduce all our volunteers to the opener, and have them watch this video to give them some confidence.

During the rebuild, we cleaned the inside of the case, and straightened a few minor dents. The unit had been dropped, and some internal parts were bent. Those parts easily straightened, and that helped improve the clamping accuracy of the cutter. We used a food safe lubricant on select moving parts.

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