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Sulphur Springs Police Address Scam Calls

April 20, 2023- Sulphur Springs Police Department made a post on Facebook Tuesday addressing the several scam calls that residents have been receiving. Several residents of Sulphur Springs have been struck by these phone calls claiming to be the Police Department or any other law enforcement agency threating to arrest individuals unless they pay false fines for missing jury duty that they never had.

Sulphur Springs Police Department released the following statement on Facebook Tuesday:

The Sulphur Springs Police Department is aware there is a **scam** going on where citizens are receiving calls or messages on social media from someone claiming to be with law enforcement and threatening to arrest them if they did not pay a fine for missing jury duty. ***This is a scam**! The Sulphur Springs Police Department or any other Law Enforcement Agency will not contact you and request any type of payment over the phone or on social media. Do not respond to these calls or messages on social media. Remember, this is a SCAM! If you receive one of these calls, just hang up. Please don’t give them any money. If you have any questions, contact us at 903-885-7602.


Author: Ethan Klein

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