Two Arrested On I-30 East

Feb. 1st, 2023- Hopkins County Sheriff Sgt. Steward noticed a vehicle stuck in a ditch off I-30 east. When speaking with the driver, identified as Robert Charles Servin, the officer noticed Servin speaking rapidly and appeared to want the officer away from his vehicle and stated he did not want to go to jail. Officer Steward asked for Identification for Servin and approached the driver side of the vehicles with Servin. While at the vehicle deputies shined their flashlights into the car in an attempt to help Servin search for his identifications, to which Servin stated that the deputies were making him nervous. Officer Steward then asked Servin to stand in front of his patrol car, Steward then asked Servin for a consent search of his car, to which Servin replied no, Officer Steward then asked Servin if there was any other persons inside the vehicle, Servin stated that his cousin was in the back seat. Deputies opened the backdoor to the vehicle and requested for the passenger, identified as Marshal Jermane Lennon, to exit the vehicle. Lennon was observed holding a clear pipe, commonly used to smoke Methamphetamine, Lennon was then detained for further investigation. Upon a probable cause search drug paraphernalia and a small black baggy containing a crystalline substance, field testing proved positive for methamphetamine were found. Servin stated that the substance belonged to him and was detained shortly afterward.

Servin and Lennon were both transported to Hopkin County Jail. Servin was Charged with Possession while Lennon was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

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Author: Ethan Klein

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