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Downtown Parking Poll: Most Want a Garage

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Almost 50% of the people who took time to finish the Downtown Parking Poll want a parking garage, or feel a parking structure will solve downtown parking issues.

Free parking, except on Sunday

There is no parking garage in the plans for Sulphur Springs. City Manager Marc Maxwell confirmed this Friday afternoon. He went on say that although a parking structure is possible, it is cost prohibitive. “It is possible, but with a cost per space around 11 times a normal parking space, it does not make sense.” said Maxwell.

Maxwell went on to state that there are 1440 parking spots within 2 blocks of downtown. He feels that one parking lot that is chronically under used is the one owned by the First Baptist Church. The City and FBC have an agreement that allows parking any day but Sunday on the lot just south of Tomlinson St.

Exercise. Walk a little ways. Park at the First Baptist church and walk to the square.

–poll comment

Chalking tires and parking time limits are out too. Maxwell feels these time limits chase off business. “People feel rushed, and maybe have a meal then leave, instead of eating and then shopping.” Consultant that specialize in downtown projects like Sulphur Springs back this up.

[I’m] Against time limit. I like to wander around and visit all the shops, have lunch and/or ice cream. Two hours is not enough time. Four hours might work.

–poll comment

The best solution, with all points considered, would be a voluntary plan, where business owners and employees park and walk into downtown. “You would think that business would realized that enforce it automatically.” said Maxwell.

The results

There is almost no chance of a parking structure coming to Sulphur Springs.

The city charter does not make the city responsible for parking spaces. Let the capitalist free market economy do what it does best. If an entrepreneur identifies a parking need and builds a structure for fee based parking, then so be it. If not, then not.

–poll comment

Not all downtown business need drive up customers. Recently, several business such as the newspaper have relocated to the downtown area. Some business owners feel there is no reason for these business to participate in the current voluntary system of leaving close parking spots open for customers. Customers too suspected that most downtown business do not adhere to the voluntary program.

“Business owners/employees should Not park on the square and take up prime spots. If they want customers, leave close parking for paying customers and walk a block or two to get to work. It’s not going to kill them to walk a bit!”

–poll comment

All business owners, all work[ers] must park off the square and walk to work.

— poll comment

There are 1440 parking spots within 2 blocks of downtown Sulphur Springs. Downtown West will provide hundreds more.

I think we are trying to become Dallas. People will always feel the need to be entitled and need more. There is plenty of parking downtown. Yes you may have to walk. But there is plenty.

–poll comment

This concept probably wont work. The expansion plan “Downtown West’ will hopefully attract even more business. Even with the additional street parking it provide, it’s effect on parking overall will be minimal.

This is an unfortunate finding at first glance, but over the years since Downtown Sulphur Springs has been revitalized, this seems less of an issue. This question would have been more meaningful if it included a time restriction such as, “During the last 30 days…”

Here are a few more comments from respondents.

Get rid of the “river walk” and create a parking lot. Use the the trolley or a trolley to carry people to and from that parking lot. Is the Sr Citizen project completed? Is Pacific Park complex completed? Is the City Park groomed and manicured for kids and families to enjoy? Are there plans for more shopping outside the Square boutiques? Are all the streets repaired? The Square is beautiful, but the rest of the city is being neglected.

–poll comment

People need to stop being whine bags and park where they can and don’t expect the residents of downtown to give up their parking space just to accommodate them!!

— poll comment

This article was published at the same time the poll was closed.

Author: KSST Webmaster

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