Fundraising for Save Main Street Theater is Underway Online; Can You Help?

KSST Radio has long played a supportive role to local theater, going back to the 1978 founding of the Sulphur Springs Community Players. Currently, the Players’ building, Main Street Theater, is in need of certain repairs and renovations to be able to open back up and resume seasons of plays onstage for the public. We hope to bring future reports on the repair process and the fundraising efforts. The group is posting a series of “Save Our Theater” posts on the Main Street Theater Facebook page which highlights past performances and public events done by the Players, preserved through the KSST Channel 18 TV archive. These appear along with instructions on how you can donate online to “Save Our Theater”. The theater building is currently closed, however, monthly meetings of the board of directors and play selection committees are regularly being held and efforts ongoing to secure funds to complete the needed repairs and renovations, especially to the facade of the building. According to MST board President Lyndie Mansfield, ‘the purpose of the Save Our Theater messages on Facebook is to raise the money needed to rebuild the front, back and partial sidewall of the building’s facade, which has deteriorated due to age. Completion of this repair project is necessary for the safety of patrons and passersby, and so that Main Street Theater can continue bringing live community theater arts to the local community’. If you would like to donate online, please click here.

Author: Enola Gay

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