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Jettribe Kicks Off the Texas WaterX Championship

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This past weekend was the kick-off event for the inaugural Jettribe Texas WaterX Championship, sanctioned by the IJSBA and powered by Nauti Water Racing. Despite the brutal weather, the staff and rider’s energy was at an all time high. It felt just like the energy of the Havasu World Finals! What impressed us the most was the general attitude that “if we can ride these rough white caps in the rain, we can ride in any conditions! It’s good training!” The staff and riders were all grateful to be able to reunite with friends and meet new ones while we enjoyed the sport that we all love so much, watercraft racing!

In the past 25 years Jettribe has participated in thousands of races both domestic and overseas, but never before has the Jettribe staff seen such comradery between both friends and riders. The best and kindest of the PWC community was there to lend a helping hand, or even let a junior rider borrow a ski.

Jettribe received an overwhelming warm welcome from the local Texas riding community and the event staff and riders made this one of the best race experiences under the most challenging conditions.

We were amazed by the support and acceptance for the beginner riders. In one instance a new rider was late to the starting line. He was by himself backing his ski in the water when his truck got stuck in the mud. Several riders came over and told him to go race and they would pull the truck and trailer out before he finished his moto. It was these small acts of kindness that stuck out.

There was some choppy water and some bumps and bruises, but over 70 riders competed in 21 classes over the 2 day event. The best part of the weekend was seeing the support for the junior program. The volunteer staff and racers were able to spend ample time coaching and mentoring our first time juniors and beginner riders about the course, sportsmanship, and most importantly safety.

We want to give a huge thank you to the mostly volunteer staff that came out to make this event successful. Thank you to Justin Smith and Terry Heibert from Nauti Water Racing for organizing and setting-up a smooth event despite the wet weather conditions. Thanks to Larry Spector for accepting the junior and beginner riders as part of his team and sharing his experience! Several beginner riders took home some hardware as a direct result from Larry’s mentoring, and because of Larry’s efforts we will have new riders that are a part of the sport for decades to come.

The weekend came to an end and we reluctantly had to say our goodbyes, pack up our Jettribe booth and wet gear and head back to our new North East Texas home! As luck would have it on our way back our mighty dually threw a tranny. We were stuck with a 32 foot trailer in the middle of an intersection making a left turn and blocking traffic! But once again the Texas kindness kicked-in, and a truck pulled up and towed both the truck and trailer out of traffic!

Our admiration goes to the volunteer staff, course marshals, event organizers and riders. Your commitment to our sport does not go without notice. Without you there would not be an event!

The action continues with Round 1 of the Jettribe Mid-America WaterX Championship June 5 – 6, 2021 in Lincoln, Nebraska, followed by Round 2 of the Texas Series in Llano, Texas at the Llano Rockin RiverFest July 3 – 4, 2021. Visit for more information about these events.

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Author: KSST Webmaster

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