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Final 2020 Numbers Prove Dismal Year For Hopkins County

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As the state of Texas continues to update fatalities attributed to Hopkins County due to COVID-19 for the year 2020, the final numbers for death certificates are coming is as well. Currently, the state DSHS dashboard shows 70 fatalities for deaths due to the coronavirus for residents that lived in Hopkins County. As the state sometimes takes several weeks to report deaths, this number for 2020 is certain to go up. It is important to know that the state attributes these fatalities to Hopkins County no matter where the resident was when they passed away. Conversely, Hopkins County death certificates are filed for every death that occurs in Hopkins County, regardless of the deceased’s residence. The number of people that died in Hopkins County in the year 2020 stands at 514, with nine additional pending deaths expected to be filed.

The total number of deaths as recorded by death certificates is the highest number of deaths ever recorded in Hopkins County. This dismal fact is due not only to a higher number of deaths of Hopkins County residents, but also the number of people transferred into Hopkins County and passed away due to various reasons. With the different ways that these numbers are calculated, it is impossible to separate only Hopkins County deaths and then calculate the percentage of those that were COVID related. Either way, we can all agree that the numbers are way too high, and we can only hope that 2021 will be a better year.

The following is a press release from Hopkins County.

Author: Chad Young

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