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Novice Quilter Creates Gifts of Art as an Act of Kindness

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Her project may be small, but it packs a personal meaning while demonstrating accomplishment in a relatively new skill. Becky Garrett, new to Sulphur Springs and a member of the Lone Star Heritage Quilt Guild, says she is most at home doing embroidery and crewel work. Something’s usually ‘under her needle’ in the embroidery hoops, but this time, she incorporated a quilting technique. Her scriptural “Peace” design, shown here, uses both applique and embroidery. By combining the two types of stitchery, Becky is creating a project with a lasting message. The ‘sampler’ project is straight from her heart, designed as a housewarming gift for her sister.

To create this, Becky first cut and pinned fabric shapes onto muslin backing or base fabric secured in 8″ embroidery hoops. For the shapes, she chose a simple print which suited her theme. After having appliqued the shapes onto the backing using a needle and thread with tiny stitches, she then began to embroider lettering, flowers and flourishes with embroidery floss on top of the shapes. Once completed, the project will be displayed in a picture frame.

Becky was taught sewing at home by her mother and learned more in a 4H club she was in as a youth. She shared, “that started my lifelong love of creating things. This little project took me a weekend to complete, working in my spare time. My favorite quilt I’ve made is a teacup and saucer pattern. This is a quilt that was made with lots of love . My mother-in-law collected tea cups and saucers from everywhere she visited. So her daughters, daughters-in-law and granddaughters each appliqu├ęd a few teacup and saucer squares to make this teacup quilt.”

Teacup and Saucer quilt Becky and her family created as a tribute to her mother-in-law

“Over the past two years, I have become inspired by other members of the Lone Star Heritage Quilt Guild. I still consider myself a novice compared to the talents and techniques these ladies bring! I make quilt tops but must have them quilted by someone else. I do have a long arm quilting machine in storage that I hope to become comfortable using, and a backyard sewing cottage is also in my not-too-distant future!”

The Lone Star Heritage Quilt Guild, of which Becky and many others are members, is currently not holding monthly meetings due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, the members stay in touch and love to share their personal projects with each other on facebook and through e-mail. If you’d like information on Guild membership, go to

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Author: Enola Gay

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