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‘Higher Love Movement’ Set for Peaceful and Inclusive Protest on Celebration Plaza

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The protest slated for Saturday June 6th, 2020 has a title, a heart felt mission, and two passionate organizers. The ‘Higher Love Movement’ plans to stage a peaceful and inclusive protest on Celebration Plaza from 10AM until 6PM Saturday.

We are hoping for a ‘peaceful hippie vibe’ says co-organizer Karla Pizano. “This protest is about getting people together, and talking about these issues.” said Pizano. “Higher Love is different that normal love like you would have for your grandmother. Higher love is obtained by loving a stranger completely.”

Although not directly affiliate with the march scheduled for the same day, they hope their protest will add to the discussion. The pair hope that people will participate in both events. Kiegan Lobin says he will be on Celebration Plaza all day long.

On the Issues

Pizano and Lobin have many thoughts on political issues here in Hopkins County and the United States. “We think that the only way to correct the issues facing America is by voting out elected officials, and voting in people with experience in these issues.” said Lobin.

Lobin and Pizano plan to place their full support behind local City Council candidates they feel are better able to relate to social issues. “If you ask any black person, they will tell you their own personal stories about racism.” said Lobin. “We support minority candidates for Sulphur Springs City Council, not because they happen to be black, but because they have the ideas.”

The pair point to the gradual militarization of police departments in America as another issue. They feel this problem started in the 80’s. Institutional Racism is also on their minds.

When asked about specific political issues facing Hopkins County, Lobin mentioned the “Trump Divide”.

Local issues are not the pair’s only concern. They plan to also support the decriminalization of marijuana and THC statewide in Texas. “Marijuana and THC is right now a back burner issue for us, but we feel it’s a important one.” said Lobin.

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Author: KSST Webmaster

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