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Community Players ‘Parking Lot Sale’ a Good Start for Main St. Theater Repairs

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Main Street Theater, 227 Main Street, home to the Community Players for over 30 years.

Members of the Sulphur Springs Community Players invited the community to pitch in for a fundraising Parking Lot sale held to benefit Main Street Theater. The sale was held on Friday and Saturday June 19 and 20, 2020 at 1421 N. Hillcrest. Local residents brought lots of household furnishings, furniture and home decor items for the sale, and it was priced and arranged by volunteers and members. Over $2,000 was raised, but according to David Woody who spoke for Main Street Theater, it’s a good start but not enough to fund some needed repairs on the theater building.

“We have some major repairs to make to both the front and back facades of Main Street Theater which we must undertake right away. We’ll need to get creative with other fundraisers to assist toward our goal of finishing the projects, which will take a few thousand dollars, at least. We had really great support at this fundraiser, and we know by the support shown at the Parking Lot Sale that the public is behind our efforts to keep live community theater in place in downtown Sulphur Springs.” Woody commended the troupe of generous volunteers Lindy, Jessica, Grace, Cierra, Jeannie, Elizabeth, Cecilia, April, David, Barbara, Cindy, Sharon, Vincent, Corenna, Nicole, Lindsey, Doug, Matt, Will and the others who provided labor for the fundraiser.

The community brought an abundance of household items to be sold in the fundraiser

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Author: Enola Gay

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