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Hopkins County Records — April 24, 2020

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Applications for Marriage Licenses

  • Robert Patrick Bogdanski and Jennifer Janene McMillan
  • Blake Truman Dicken and Marsha Coder Dicken
  • James Curtis Shanks and Debra Lanell Humphrey
  • Dustin Wayne Morgan and Shealee Faith Owen
Record books

Land Deed Transactions

  • Larry J. Ellison and Barbara Ellison to Michael Joe Ellison; tract in the HT Long survey
  • Frances Allen Hunter to Southwest Petroleum Company LP, Redrock Petroleum Company and R Harlow Energy Corp; tract in the JA Craft survey
  • Tanya J. Massey, trustee for The Harris Family Irrevocable Trust, to Terry L. Blake and Linda K. Blake; tract in the N. Harris survey
  • Secretary of Veterans Affairs, United States of America, to Nationstar Mortgage LLC DBA Mr Cooper; tract in the Francis Wilson survey
  • Maye Arline Lora and attorney Renee Lovorn to Renee Lovorn; tract in the Gertrude Procello survey
  • J Ann Gregg to Daniel A. Reyes and Felishia Reyes
  • Rosey74 Inc. Richard R. Robinson and Michele L. Robinson; tract in the Jose Ybarbo survey
  • Cindy Kolette Russell to Preston T. O’Bryant and Lauren E. O’Bryant; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Joy Allen Spa, Roxie J. Allen and Rooxie Joy Allen to Robert Brian Monk and Saundea Monk; tract in the Sarah H. Norris survey
  • James Douglas Williams Jr. to Brandon Jones and Sarah Jones; tract in the Greenlief Neely survey
  • Brian Shurtleff and Ricki Shurtleff to Ashley Webb and Jamie Webb; tract in the Michael C. Garoutte survey
  • SSVanguard LLC to Prostar Trading LLC; tract in the E. Mitchell survey
  • Cathey Weaver, independently and as trustee for the Cathey Weaver Marital Trust, and A. Douglas Moore to Harrell B. Hettich and Jana R. Hettich; tract in the Elizabeth Melton survey
  • Todd M. Falls and Rhonda Falls to John Heilman; tract in the James Hawkins survey
  • Newman Ray Bradford to Ben F. Williams and Jana Diane Williams; tract in the Martin D. Cornelius survey
  • Autry Burgess and Juanita Burgess to Jeffrey Wayne Burgess; tract in the H Arnold survey
  • Ben F. Williams and Jana Diane Williams to USAA Federal Savings Bank and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc.; tract in the Martin D. Cornelius survey
  • TTTT Limited to Kevin Monk and Kristin Monk
  • Mary Louise Logan Foster and Stanley M. Logan to Stanley M. Logan; tract in the Agaton Caro survey
  • Danny Atterberry and Joann Atterberry to David Wade Maxfield and Sarah Bryan Maxfield; tract in the Elizabeth Melton survey
  • Jamee Lynn Sheaffer Mars, independent executor for the Jo Ann Sheaffer Estate, to William A. Levey; tract in the Elizabeth Melton survey
  • Tommy Neal and Linda Neal to Anthony Lee Williams and Laura Denise Williams; tract in the ES Emmerson survey
  • Helmut Hermann and Christa Hermann to Hermann Farms LLC; tract in the Jasper County School Land
  • Kris Childress and Lisa Childress to Kason Childress; tract in the Elizabeth Melton survey
  • Andrea Williams Griggs, independently and as independent executor for the James D. Williams Estate, Stephanie Delann Thompson and Kenny Thompson to Mark Arthur Newlin and Denise Annette Newlin; tract in the Mockingbird Hill Estates
  • Victor Sancho and Angela M. Sancho to Ramon Andre Dias; tract in the Gilbert Smith survey
  • Jennifer Cameron to Bradley Hauerwas and Summer Hauerwas
  • Curley Simon Jr. and Dianna D. Simon to Kevin Russell Bankston, Jennifer Lynn Simon Bankston
  • Glenn Roach and Jo Ann Roach to Travis Allan Raschen and Shelby Marie White-Raschen; tract in the Ruthey Matthews survey
  • The Ranches At River Ridge LLC to Nathan D. Troutman and Rebecca L. Troutman; tract in the James Hansley survey
  • Randy Scott and Tabatha Scott to Ramon Jesus Cardenas; tract in the MA Bowlin survey
  • Jimmy Williams and Barbara J. Williams to Derek Lee Bohannon and Kayla Leanne Bohannon; tract in the Jose Ybarbo survey
  • J Murray and Chelby Murray to Jennifer Cameron; tract in the Jose Ybarbo survey
  • Tommy J Knight and Marcie Knight known as Marcie McCarthy, independently and as attorney, to Brian Bench and Terri Bench; tract in the John Binion survey
Record books at Hopkins County Clerk’s Office
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Author: Faith Huffman

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